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.m. >> at today's white house briefing, secretary jay carney answered questions about also senate legislation to ban workplace discrimination against gay people. this is an hour and 10 minutes. >> do we have some fans here? there must be. but a call for the chicago blackhawks event. anyone who is going there should not feel badly at all if they get up and leave. i will understand. or we could just end it when it is time to go. it is up to you. a couple of toppers for you on this good monday. tomorrow, the president will host a meeting in the roosevelt room with top business leaders to discuss the importance of getting immigration reform done. immigration reform will reduce the deficit by nearly $850 billion over the first 20 years and it will grow the economy by $1.4 trillion over 20 years, which adds 5.4% to the gdp by 2033. it has broad bipartisan support from democrats and republicans, labor leaders, law enforcement, and faith leaders. the president is willing to work with the blonde both sides of the aisle to get things done. it is good for business. it is good for our economy
and medicaid is a federal agency in charge of setting up website. cms administrator marilyn tavenner apb for the house ways and means committee to discuss problems with the website and the rollout of the affordable care act. here's part of the hearing. i would like to welcome marilyn d like t -- marilyn tavenner. welcome to the committee today. i look forward to your testimony and other for to the hearing to testim really get an honest, straightforward assessment of the status of health care law. six months ago, health and humaw services secretary sebelius told stra this committee a dozen times that the administration will be law. ready october 1. we no w know the administrationus tolo was not ready and, just last t week, secretary sebelius read suggested they could have used e years to get the exchanges updm and running. week despite having three years totev get the system up and running, e years to get the system up and running, officials at the center of medicare and medicaid services, who are charged with implementing the exchanges added, and i quote, "due to a compresse
. sebelius hold up the data service as an example of what was working well with hub crashedhe data and took down the entire functionality with it. problems emerging, how should americans be confident these problems will be fixed at the end of october? verizon as you know, successfully resolve the problem overnight and as of 7:00 a.m. eastern time this morning, the data services were fully operational. the team continues to troubleshoot the issues with the account creation theess and has opened enrollment tools back up to consumers. this was a part of the website that led to the website shutting down. it is now up and running again. problemsre are new emerging, separate from what we learned about in the first few weeks, doesn't that make it more likely that these problems will not be solved in the time limit -- now. we have several teams, many qualifiedighly experts addressing the identified and isolated problems that do exist and have existed with the website. and they are fixing them incrementally. that work continues. the improvements are happening every day.
. the problems with are unfortunate and we should investigate them and then every american will have access to affordable health insurance. thank you, mr. chairman. >> before we swear in secretary sebelius, i want to clarify energy and commerce committee practice for swearing in of witnesses. the committee typically has two types of hearings. oversight hearings and hearings that focus on legislation and policy. secretary sebelius, for example, has testified previously before our committee to discuss issues relating to hhs budget or other policy matters. as is the case with all policy witnesses, secretary sebelius was not required to take an oath prior to testifying. today's hearing is different. it's an oversight hearing. it is a long standing committee practice to swear in all witnesses at oversight hearings whether they are private citizens or cabinet secretaries. >> mr. chairman, i thank you for your comments. i just want to join you in simply explaining that swearing in of the witness before an oversight committee hearing has always been under oath. that is a standard p
announcing a major enforcement action with healthcare joined by other federal officials at the justice department. >> good morning, thank you all for being here. i am going by the associate journal, assistant attorney general, the united states attorney for the eastern district of pennsylvania, the u.s. attorney for the district of massachusetts, first assistant united states attorney for the northern district of california, and the deputy inspector general for investigations of the department of health and human services. we are here today to announce the johnson and johnson and three of its subsidiaries have agreed to pay more than two point $2 billion to resolve criminal and civil claims they marketed protrusion drugs for uses that were never approved, safe, or affective. these were kickbacks to physicians and pharmacies to prescribing these drugs. through these alleged acts from these companies, they line their the money of american taxpayers and private insurance industry. they drove up costs for everyone in the health care system and negatively impacted the long- term solvency o
, millions of americans are already benefitting and there are benefits that are not tied to some madam secretary, let's clarify what's working. is it correct to say many of the improvements that the aca makes to employer coverage and medicare were the vast majority of americans receive their coverage are not dependent on >> that's correct. >> so the delays and problems with do not affect the millions of individuals thanks to the aca who no longer have to worry about lifetime monetary caps on their coverage that previously sent them to bankruptcy? >> that's absolutely true. i think the quote that the president was quoted recently saying if you have health care, you can -- you don't have to sign up for the new marketplace was referring to the large portion, the 95% of insured americans who plans are solid and stay in place and move forward. >> i understand the frustration with the website. i don't know why people are not similarly outraged by the lack of medicaid coverage in many of our states. do you find that hip critical? >> i think it's
, there's been user problem after user problem after user problem. regarding, your dputty administrator for consumer information, gary cohen, testified one month ago, where we are sitting, that cms has worked hard to test the infrastructure that will allow americans to enroll in coverage confidently and simply and securely, end quote. and yet according to forbes, and the wall street journal, you told them that you need five years of construction and one year of testing. the program crashed and burned at least three times and the user is still having problems. it's been down the whole time you've been testifying. the system is down at this moment. my question, ma'am is very simple. when did you know these changes were going down? a month, a day, a quarter? and did you tell the president what you knew? >> sir, i was informed that we were ready to launch on october 1st and the contractors who we had as our private partners told us and told this committee that they had never suggested the delay and that is accurate. our cms team felt we were ready to go. i told the president t
on the implementation of the affordable care act and the website. halfling sebelius testified -- kathleen sebelius does divide on wednesday and apologized for the flaws of the website as it was launched october 1. >> thank you. members of the committee, i left my position as governor of kansas for the opportunity to continue the work i've been doing for most of my over 35 years of public service to expand opportunities for all americans, gardens of geography or gender or income to have affordable health coverage. during my years as a state is a governor, a two-term i have worked on that effort that i care deeply about. there are still millions of americans who are uninsured as well as underinsured. forle have some coverage some illness, but had no real protection from financial ruin and no confidence he will take care of themselves and their families if they have an accident or an illness. and for them a new day has finally come. in these early weeks, access to has been miserably frustrating experience for way too many americans. including many who have waiting sometimes th
and negatively impacted the long-term solvency of the central healthcare programs by medicare. this global settlement resolves these companies, they lined their pockets with the money of american taxpayers and private insurance industry. multiple investigations involving the ente psychotic drugs and other johnson & johnson products. the settlement also addresses allegations of conduct that recklessly put at risk the health of some of the most vulnerable members of our society including children, the elderly, and the disabled. the criminal information that was filed today alleges that the johnson and johnson subsidiary, janssen violated a drug for unapproved uses. clearly, they admit they use this drug to healthcare providers for the treatment of psychotic symptoms and associated behaviors. it was exhibited by the elderly, non-schizophrenic patients who suffered from dementia. even though the drug was proved -- approved only to treat schizophrenia. and separately filed complaints, johnson and johnson and janssen promoted ripodol to retirement homes. the companies allegedly downgraded the se
level. it calls for the choice of join the expansion. roughly half decided to do so. websites signed funner private health insurance those with incomes above the 133% threshold. medicaid is part of the care act. remind people what part it plays. > medicaid is a federal health state insurance program -- beg your pardon, a federal and state insurance program for the poor and disabled. the supreme court did make that expansion optional. $16,000, duals up to it could be part of medicaid, the federal government picks up expansion for the first three years for states and tapers down 90% thereafter. part of the expansion. it's really aimed at childless matter many of whom no how low the income was in states could not have qualified for before. >> pat from medford, new jersey, insured line. hello? >> yes. thank you very much for your show. to ask this rying question for quite possibly two weeks. could answer the question for me? >> i will try. person, : i, like the the caller before, i'm 6'2". i'm disabled and have been for years. i am -- i am on medicare. okay? because o
frustrated with the flawed rollout of, i do appreciate your longstanding commitment to improving the health care options for all americans. and fixing this website quickly. i think it's important to note that in my home state of california, and other states, as well, the new exchange marketplace, we call it covered california, is working. and rates are as much as 29% less than those that they found on the marketplace last year. i'm thankful my constituents now have this option, and as i look around to implementation nationwide, it seems clear to me that political decisions in individual states have really made the difference for consumers. the governors and legislators, state legislators, that embraced this law are delivering for their communities, but those elected who are trying to ignore the opportunities presented and continue to throw up roadblocks should not now seem surprised that there are significant bumps along the way. this seems, to me, to be completely disingenuous. having embraced the law since open enrollment began october 1st, californians have starte
? not just but all of the exchanges? >> sir -- >> how difficult is that figure to give me or if you can't give it to me, could you send it to me? >> i would like to get it to you in writing very quickly. >> madame secretary -- i don't know how much time i have left but i would like to talk about a couple businesses in my district who are struggling with how to move forward. one is a manufacturing and one is pet boarding and training business and one has 85 employees and others have 46. this is another example of the government picking winners and losers. we're the losers. there is no way i can be competitive if i have to raise prices to cover 170,000. do not pay penalty. raise prices and go out of business. layoff 35 employees and move more production from this country and here's a quote from the other. since they are high labor low margin business cannot afford to pay insurance for employees we're forced to close our business through bankruptcy because there are heavy financial obligations that continue whether we operate or not or five enough employees to get under 50 em
:15. we expect lots of questions about the website and the rollout of the health care law. centers for medicare and medicaid administrator marilyn tavenner testified about that liveit on c-span3. here is a look. >> thank you, chairman camp and ranking member levin and members of the committee. we launched on october 1st one. key provisions affordable care acthe the new marketplace where people without health insurance including those who could not afford it and not part after group plan could go to get affordable coverage. we know consumers are having difficulty enrolling via the marketplace website. it is important to note that the affordable care act however is however more than just a website. it create as new market which allows people to access quality, affordable health care. it i it allows them to have insurance options. it create as pooling of consumers into statewide group plans that i can spread the riss between sick people and healthy people, between youngli and old and bargains on their behalf to give them the best deal on health insurance. by creating competit
plan offered by your insurer. you can go on to the state market place or on to and looked up other policies. as you know has had some problems. they made some changes to the website people can simply browse plans and get an idea a step on the premiums. even if they can't get set up an account. as a policy experts say to do that. talk to an independent broker, try to get help understanding this and find something comparable and enroll in that and understand if folks say if you enroll by december 15th your coverage will start on january 1st. >> host: julie appleby of kaiser health news joining today to answer questions on the subject. kaiser health news is a nonprofit news service editorial independent from the kaiser family foundation and nonprofit partisan health center research and communication organization that's not affiliated with kaiser permanente day. she is here to help us answer your questions on the subject. we have split the lines of a little differently this morning. we will also take your comments overt ritter and e-mail what we w
for the issues on the website since his rollout. maryland testified before the house ways and means committee. a congressman chairs this three- hour hearing. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> this hearing will come to order. good morning. i would like to welcome marilyn tavener, the administrator at the center for medicare and medicaid services. welcome to the committee today. i look forward to your testimony. i look forward to the hearing to really get an honest, straightforward assessment of the status of the health care law. six months ago, health and human services secretary sebelius told this committee a dozen times the administration will be ready on october 1. we now know the administration was not ready and they could have used five years to get the exchange is up and running. despite having more than three years to get the system up and running, officials at the center for medicare and medicaid services, who are charged with implementing the exchanges, has added -- "due to a compress
with the website is "unfortunately on a subset of contracts for that have not met expectations. is it the contracts that have not made the expectations, or is it the contractors implementing the contracts that have not met expectations? >> i am not sure which part you are referring to. >> the part on page two of your testimony. "unfortunately a subset of the contest for have not met expectations." is it the contracts that have not met expectations or specs of -- specifications of the contracts not properly developed or properly executed, or probably in committed, or is it the contracts themselves, that have not performed properly echo >> i think, in the case of the -- and we have been working with a contractor, we had issues with timing and delivery. >> who is the contractor? it is the contractor in that meetingnot expectations? >> we are working with them. are there provisions in the contract with that company that is a perfect -- fails to perform in any way, that it is to repay or refund back to the government, for funds you have allocated to it for the purpose
both parties can agree is a rolling disaster. every day seems to bring more, newer, comic cament lit. we hear things like people being told their wife is almost really their daughter or they have multiple spouses or they're unable to apply due to current incarceration. insurpriseingly, just 12% of americans think the rollout has gone well. that's less than 14% of americans who believe in big foot. those who succeeded in actually enrolling in a plan are vastly outnumbered by those who have actually lost their plans. and the real tragedy here is that many who have succeeded are finding out the product is actually worse than the web site. i mean the only thing the web site seems to be good at right now is creating a punch line for late-night comedians. it's almost like americans are being forced to live through a real live "saturday night live" sketch, and if you caught last week's opener, it is harder to tell the obamacare headlines from the obamacare punch lines these days. paper applications, 800 numbers, applying by fax; obamacare appears to be leading us boldly, b
,000 teachers. 60,000 of whom are women. healthcare many improved. significantlyty down. refugeeslion afghan who fled to pakistan have returned home. that 67% of the a mostan people in recent survey think that the afghan war was not worth fighting? how did that happen? the picture is much, number.tter than that i just don't believe that the american people have had a fair or fuller picture of the events in afghanistan. that the press has story. a good it hasn't missed the problems. it has missed the progress. our peoplesion that't come from it comes from what they read or hear or see and what they have sort of a steady diet of all of the problems, which is fair game. and they should be brought into the light and disclosed and written about and talked about. but what has been missing, i believe, is the part of the afghan story which represents real progress so that the american people have been the sense ofnied partial or at least success which i believe they the entitled to because of loss of blood and treasure by our people. i think it is a sad -- it is that our people don't have that
implementing the health care law and about also, the house intelligence nsaittee will examine surveillance programs. witnesses will include james clapper, james cole, and keith alexander. >> defense secretary chuck hagel held a news conference with the defense minister of new zealand. he was asked about nsa spying and iran's nuclear program. this is 15 minutes. >> afternoon. aftert afternoon -- good noon. jonathan coleman and i just finished a working lunch where we reinforced of the close ties between the united states and new zealand. having fought together in every major conflict of the last century, including afghanistan, our bonds are rooted in common interests but also in the history and values we share. our partnership is important. it is important to peace and prosperity in the asia-pacific and the united states remains committed to strengthening this partnership as one opponent of our rebalance to the region. we emphasized the significant progress we have made in expanding our defense cooperation since the washington declaration was signed last year. in addition to hi
that the rollout of the exchanges and the web site, i think americans would agree, it's been disastrous. last week the associated press even ran a headline about what people in my home state of wyoming experienced. it said "national health insurance site sputters." sputters in wyoming. the article goes on to talk about the health care law, the web site, and it says that the wyoming insurance commissioner, tom hersick, they quoted him as what he said on monday, that he's personally been unable to register on the federal government's wyoming site despite trying every day. insurance commissioner state of wyoming unable to register on the federal government's wyoming site despite trying every day starting october 1. this is the same story we've seen all across the country. we've also learned over the past four weeks that the president's health care law is much more than just a failed web site. what we know is that there is sticker shock hitting people all across the country as they start shopping and find that higher premiums are what they're facing. they're going to be paying mu
need to understand. >> i like to go back to, which is the website associated with signing up for requirement government sanctioned health care. marvin writes on behalf of his wife told by her insurer that due to health care reform effective 1/1/14, the policy will be terminate the as of january 1, 2014. when can she sign up for health care? >> does it go on to talk about other policies sore just that she's canceled and that it's? >> it said these cancel -- >> eligible and can. >> needs to sign up through the website. >> she can sign through the website or go to the individual issuer. >> time is expired. >> mr. besara. we appreciate you're being here. i think it's become very clear and i hope in all hearings that take place further, that we understand that we have to work together. it is unacceptable to have an important part of the health insurance program, this website not work the way it should. in fact, let me give you a quick example. there's a gentleman from los angeles, 34-year-old male, andrew striker and he's been reported in a number of press reports.
to sign up for healthcare. and then california congressman jeff denham talks about immigration reform and why he will join democrats in co-sponsoring a plan to give immigrants the chance to attain citizenship plus your emails, phone calls an tweets. ive at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> john foster dulles had recently died when that airport was being recently built and president eisenhower announced it would be named dulles airport. after kennedy took over, he did not want to name it after him. finally the decision was made to name it after dulles. you can still see the film clip of kennedy opening the airport with eisenhower there and alan dulles there and he pulls back the curtain and behind the curtain is this giant bust of john foster dulles and that stands in the middle of this big airport. i went to see it while i was writing this book and i could no not find. i started asking the security guards where is the big bust of dulles. nobody had even heard of it. it was a long process and thanks to the airport authority, i discovered that the bust had been taken away from the middle of th
"how could be hacked." let me just quote from the article, "security experts say the federal health insurance website is vulnerable to a common technique that hackers use to steal personal information." as you know, i'm chairman of social security subcommittee and one of my longstanding priorities has been to protect americans' social security numbers. so, for the record, is obama care website 100% safe from hackers who can steal americans' personal information, including their social security numbers? yes or no? >> we follow all the standards to protect information, including social security numbers. >> are you trying to say yes? >> am i trying to say yes that we follow the standards to protect information? yes, sir. >> you know, folks are confused and scared. they've heard horror stories and are now experiencing them firsthand, how can they trust the federal government to not only fix the website, but more importantly, give them the assurance that their personal information will be safe and their health care will be affordable, that if they want to keep their cu
are eager to purchase the coverage, and to the millions of americans who have attempted to use to shop and enroll in health care coverage, i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. i want to assure you that can and will be fixed, and we are working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you deserve. we are seeing improvements each week, and by the end of novak djokovic, the experience on the site will be smooth for users. >> tomorrow, health and human services secretary will be on capitol hill to testify about problems with the website and the implementation of the affordable care act. you can watch live coverage of the house energy and commerce committee hearing beginning at 9 a.m. eastern time on c-span3 and >> welcome to the montana state capitol. this building was built in 1899 and completed in 1902, but montana became a state in 1889, taking us ten years to get ducks in a row before construction could actually begin. w
, -- outcomes within the health-care system. so before we continue to on thevely but benefits table, i would hope to begin the dialogue about finding solutions that produce health-care cost savings. i am confident that if both parties do in washington what the people do every day in the state of washington, put progress ahead of politics, we can break the destructive pattern and make that progress. >> thank you. senator wicker. -- thank you, mr. chairman. let me agree with senator baldwin, we need to have solutions and show the american people we are problem solvers. wereor johnson's chart's painful but make the point that has been made over and over today, and that is that we have a debt crisis in still headed in the wrong direction. the deficit is down but down on a temporary basis. it will soon rise again to $1 trillion per year. we are in a week recovery and have not turned the corner and should not approach the budget as if we can turn the corner -- we have turned the corner. no one liked sequestration. i do not like sequestration, but i can live with it. indeed, under sequestration dis
implementing the healthcare law. we will have that live that 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span three. also on c-span3@1:30 p.m. eastern, the house intelligence committee will examine and essays surveillance programs. witnesses are scheduled to include the director of national , deputy attorney general james cole, and general keith alexander. in a few moments, look at today's headlines and your calls live on "washington journal." the house of representatives is back in session it 10:00 a.m. for general speeches with legislative business at noon. today's agenda includes a bill that would disapprove of the debts of an increase that was approved earlier this month. in about 45 minutes, we will focus on intelligence gathering agencies, surveillance, and the use of drones. at 8:30 a.m. eastern, we will be joined by representative bill pascrell, a member of the ways and means committee to discuss their implementation of the affordable care act. he will take your questions about recovery from hurricane sandy. "washington journal" is next. host: welcome to washington journal on this october 29. it is a
this said until the web site works, they can't help. i called the 1-800 number but the healthcare government reps told me his computer was frozen up and he cannot help. i heard about the tech surgery and there will be a few rough spots" -- that's an understatement -- "and how they will be fixed. senator, if you listen to the news, the problems with the system are much deeper than the president let on in his tuesday address. i need help and i don't think the system will be in operation in time for me to make an informed decision." these are two statements from only two of the many, many hoosiers who have described similar problems to me, which is probably why when asked about the obamacare web site, an experienced on-line and database programmer told cbs news -- and i quote -- "i would be ashamed and embarrassed if my organization delivered something like that." now, we know that this law passed the senate on christmas eve day 2009 without any bipartisan support. one party alone put this law into place. and we now know that over $400 million have been spent to create a web site so americans w
with, but as the president keeps reminding us over and over again, obamacare is about more than just a web site. he's right about that. and that's why if the system is not functioning, it's just another sign that obamacare itself is simply not working. the president and his washington democrat allies understand this. that's why the white house is so eager to enroll everybody other than themselves into the exchanges. it's why they handed out a year-long delay to businesses. and that's why the washington democrats big labor allies are looking for their own special carveouts. well, what about everybody else? what about the middle class? where is their carve out? so far, washington democrats have resisted every attempt to exempt the struggling constituents that we all represent. the folks who ran this partisan bill through know it's not ready for prime time, and they seem to want no part of it themselves. but for you out there, the middle class, it seems to be tough luck, tough luck. we have even seen some of the same folks trying to stamp out innovations that would help folks get o
with website in the nation's health care coverage. we are tearing this live on c-span3. you can also get tonight at eight eastern on c-span. but coming up next on c-span2, the senate session will get underway and will include consideration of the nomination to be principal undersecretary of defense, a procedural vote to formally begin debate on the nomination will take place at 10:30 a.m. eastern. 60 votes are needed. we could see a series of procedural votes later on several executive nominations including north carolina democratic congressman mel watt to be the direct of the federal housing finance agency and patricia mr. litt to be united states district judge for the district of columbia circuit. and now live to the senate floor here on c-span2. the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. eternal god, the giver of gifts, thank you for your unchanging promises that we can claim each day. you have promised to supply our needs and to work everything together for our good. bless o
the problems with the website and the problem people losing their current plans. we will show you that entire hearing on sunday about 10:35 in the morning. until then come here is a portion of the meeting as it took place on wednesday to the >> i want to go to the cost ofud the website and talk n about th website. this is what is happening right now. we hai ve had somebody in the bb trying to ousign on and it iswey down.ack it is not working. last night i asked for the cost from each of the contractors that were with us last week. so, can you give me a ballparkut of what you have spent on the g web site that does not work that individuals cannot get to, whatk is your cost estimate? >> so far, congresswoman, we have spent about $118 million on the website itself and about $56 million has been expended on other i.t. to support the web. >> would you submit a detailed accounting of exactly what has been spent and when do you expect constituents to stop getting these kind of errortop messages? >> i talked to the president ofe verizon alana to locations. weed verizon hosts the cloud
. that's going to be the big focal point. >> host: hearings this week on the problems with which companies are involved and what do you think we will see coming out of those? >> guest: i think what we are all going to be looking for this week is kathleen sebelius' testimony before the energy and commerce committee. she is secretary of health and human services. she will be testifying relating to the rollout of the enrollment web site which has been having a lot of problems in terms of its functioning and it terms of getting people enrolled in the insurance exchanges as part of the individual mandate that we have heard so much about. it is likely to be a partisan panel. republicans who don't like the president's health law are absolutely using this as fodder for their own arguments against the law and as an example of how the implementation has gone badly as they predicted. democrats are the ones to watch because they support the health care law and don't want it dismantled or repealed and are in a tough spot because they have to acknowledge that the web site is not wor
website. >> afghan healthcare? come on. >> i'm talking about the importance of storytelling in getting it into the education system and am wondering if you could talk about that along with the press that we need to get people interested because it's all about selling new ideas. we don't talk about complexity. we live in a complex system. finally, last night i saw a play afghanistan."n i think it's one of the most powerful plays of ever seen and i'm a performing arts junkie. i recommend everyone to go see it. it was fabulous. it addresses the things were talking about. it's a really important point. some youngought over afghan music students about six months ago. it was terrific. we brought them to the capital so that some of my colleagues could see. i think there were like eight students on afghan instruments at a music school which could have never existed and they are there preserving their heritage. it has an impact when people can see a play or whatever, of course it does. telling stories are important. the problem on the other side is , i'm not a good storyteller, by the way. i ad
,000 of them are women. healthcare, much improved. child mortality, significantly down. 5 million afghan refugees fled to pakistan and have returned home. how is it that 67% of the american people in the most recent survey think the afghan war was not worth fighting? how does that happen? the picture is much, much better than that number. i just don't believe that the american people have had a fair or more full picture of the events in afghanistan. i believe the press has missed a good story. it has not missed of the problems but it has missed the progress. the impression that our people get does not come from the ether but from what they read and hear and see. this is just a study move of the problems which is a steady gain and they should not we brought in the light, disclosed, talked about. what's been missing, i believe, is the part of the afghan story which represents real progress. the american people have been deprived, denied the sense of at least partial success that i believe they are entitled to because of the loss of blood and treasure by our people. i think it's sad that ou
energy and commerce committee about problem's encountered with the website. live coverage starts at nine: .astern on c-span3 president obama is at fbi headquarters this afternoon. he will deliver remarks at the installation ceremony as james komi who was sworn in as at the i rector last month who replaced robert mueller who stepped down after 12 years. he was a forward deputy attorney general during the george w. bush administration. startingatch that live at noon eastern on www.c- the jack kemp foundation is honoring jeb -- with its annual leadership award. that will include remarks by house speaker john boehner and south carolina senator tim scott. at five at 7:30 eastern. >> the courtship of bess wallace and harry truman began here, at her home in independence, missouri. >> when my grandfather visited independence, which was 26 miles from where he lived, he often stayed across the street at the nolan house, which is where his aunt and two cousins lived. one afternoon, he was over there with his cousins and his aunt brought in a cake plate that my great-grandmo
on issues with the rollout of the website. maryland taser administrator of the centers for medicare and medicaid services will testified before the house ways and means committee. live starting at 10 a.m. eastern on c-span3. last week and number of 10 by "the guardian" newspaper revealed that the nsa spied on vocals of 35 world leader. today national intelligence director james clapper testifies about the nsa's surveillance program before the house intelligence committee. live coverage starting at 1:30 p.m. eastern on c-span3. next former nader ago barry black discusses the history and the role of the senate chaplain and response to questions about the language used in his daily prayers during the october 2013 federal government shutdown. >> when our federal shutdown delays payments of death benefits to the families of children dying on faraway battlefields, it's time for our lawmakers to say enough is enough. cover our shame with the robe of your righteousness. forgive us, reforms, and make us all. we pray in your merciful name, amen. >> i write my prayers out of the o
, and to the millions of americans who have attempted to use to shop and enroll in health care coverage, i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. i want to ensure you that can and will be fixed, and we are working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you deserve. we are seeing
seems to get worse by the day. was done last night at 5:00 p.m. it was down on monday and it crashed last weekend. even this morning when we attempted to view the site before the hearing, we were hit with an error message. but this is more than just a website problem. that was supposed to be the easy part, remember? americans were assured that their experience would be similar to other online transactions like purchasing a flight or ordering a pizza and that their sensitive personal information would always be secure. after more than three years to prepare, malfunctions have become the norm and the administration pivoted from saying they're on track to setting a new target date of november 30th. for those few americans who have successfully applied, the website glitches become provider glitches come january 1st? americans are scared and frustrated and this situation should rise above politics. many folks at home watching us today have spent hours or even days trying to sign up. they continue to take time away from work or loved ones but have made little progress. and s
in the new marketplace. " a laughable, impossibility, they say, while is plagued by bugs. that's this morning's "usa today," as i'm coming back from wyoming. the then i pick up "the wall street journal." i turn to other -- this is a guest column. you also can't keep your doctor. "you also can't keep your doctor." a little subheadline. "i had great cancer care and health insurance. my plan was canceled. now i worry how long i'll live." i'm sorry the senate chamber isn't full of all of those people who voted for this health care law, as this woman worries how long she'll live. "the wall street journal" says it is an absolutely devastating piece by one woman who is suffering because of the health care law. her name is edie little if field sunby. she wrote about her experience fighting stage 4 gallbladder cancer. she had a health care plan with affordable access to good doctors who she points out saved her life. and as a doctor, i will tell you, stage 4 gallbladder cancer has a very small chance of success and surviva÷-- survival. she has beaten the on the because of those taking
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